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                   Not your average wallet!

Choose your own favorite leather keychain wallet from our "Pop of Color" collection.


Mexicana - Small Leather Wallet

Mexicana - Small Leather Wallet


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Birds Of Paradise


The iconic look and style

of our Necklaces Collection

comes from the quality

of our design. 

Take a look at our high costume leather jewellery.

The "alta bigiotteria" 

Birds of Paradise collection.

Neclaces, bracelets,


They can be big, bold, thin, rock style. You can wear few of them at once and look trendy.

Or you can choose a glam look, be elegant and they will always be the perfect fit.

The "design gioielli"

Ilina Design Gioielli  

IDG leather jewels collection.


Lollipops Collection

Ilina Design Gioielli has rich history and experience in jewelry making of more than 15  years.

The "eccellenza artigiana"

 This allows us to freely create our brands stylish

avant-garde iconic look and one of a kind jewellery.

Lollipops Collection


   We love working in leather. We love it's variety, the colors, prints, the texture,  it's thickness and softness, it's lightweight, the possibilities it offers... You can imagine. Creating, it's almost poetic.


Every accessory looks so much better in leather, and what makes a statement better than leather?  In a world that is flooded with jewellery made from metals we like to offer high costume jewellery that is tactile, highly aesthetic, has it's boldness but it doesn't make you shy away from it.  Always classy, always in fashion.

   Leather is a material that humanity used since the beginning of time and still does. Has long lasting durability and it only gets better over time. The leather craft is one of the oldest and still existing. We can admire it over and over again rediscovering it in the modern designs that time brings. And there is always something special about it. We use selected, high quality leather for our jewellery and accessories, so called "leather scraps" from fashion industry in Italy.   


  Come, join our stylish avant-garde on a journey to many iconic fashion stories. 

    Ilina Design Gioielli is a story of a young woman's  dream coming true who turns her beloved hobby and creative expression into independent jewelry brand. Making one of a kind jewellery pieces with passion and devotion using artistic approach and various techniques and materials.           Today we bring to you high costume leather jewellery.
   Originally, the brand produced contemporary designed handmade filigree jewellery.




leather neclace.jpg

Please note that we are not an industry or mass production.

All our products are all handcrafted piece by piece. And it takes time to make them. If we are out of stock, allow us approx. 5 working days to make yours. 

For additional requests or custom orders feel free to contact us.

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