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                Leather earrings collection

 Inspired by beautiful Amalfi Coast we designed these earrings that reminds us of summer scents, sea and memorable Amalfi lemons.

Spiral shaped, this collection of earrings resembles lollipops, so we decided to make them in various colors, matching flavors.



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Become a Suporter with Us

 We designed "Fantik" elephant brooch and necklace to support #knotonmyplanet Elephant Crisis Fund and help prevent killing elephants for ivory. We will donate 30% of "Fantik" jewelry pieces sales to  #knotonmyplanet and try to help keep these beautiful mammals alive.

"Fantik" character is inspired by a Soviet cartoon from 1977.

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About #brand 

   Ilina Design Gioielli is a story of a young woman's  dream come true. She turned her beloved hobby and creative expression into independent jewelry brand. Ilina makes one of a kind jewelry pieces with passion and devotion using artistic approach and various techniques and materials. Today we bring to you high costume leather jewelry.
   Originally, the brand produced contemporary designed handmade filigree jewelry. 

   *Please note that we are not an industry or mass production.
All our products are all handcrafted piece by piece and it takes time

to make them. If we are out of stock, allow us approx. 5 working days

to make yours. 
For additional requests or custom orders feel free to contact us.