Creating With Vision

Our story

leather fringe skirt
   We have 15+ years of experience in jewellery design and production. During this time, we attended Fashion Weeks, design competitions, international and domestic exhibitions, both solo and group exhibitions. Our Ilina Design Gioielli was worn at world music festivals by our famous artists, our iconic jewellery was celebrated in many occasions and we inspired others with our work.
Constantly learning and growing
    After long years creating all by hands, modern, silver filigree jewellery, we decided to go one step further and create a new image for our brand.
    We learned from some of the best masters in the craft, from the fashion industry and now we bring to you high quality, modern and personal approach, a unique experience of iconic leather jewellery avantgarde style or as we lovingly call it - the stylish avantgarde.


   Our focus is on leather jewellery and accessories. Handmade, class not mass products. Made from quality materials and traditional leather craft techniques in order to achieve desired aesthetics for our products.



Our Logos
2005 - 2020

      Our previous work

Puzzle Collection / Necklace

Ilina Design wooden necklace

ZEN-a Collection / Necklace

Ilina Design silver filigree necklace

ZEN-a Collection / Brooch

Ilina Design silver filigree brooch