This is a kind of necklace that makes you stand from the crowd. Inpired by rock music's strong sounds and legendary rock stars we designed a piece of jewelry that is bold, impressive and feminine at the same time. What says ROCK better than leather? Pastel grey fringe necklace with darker tone to add an extra vibe to your look. An avantgarde piece of jewelry made from carefully selected Italian leather so it can be worn on both sides. A beauty out of the ordinary glam look. Dress "dark" it's cool!


Materials: light and dark shades of grey printed leaher


Category: high costume jewelry, statement necklace, leather jewelry



Length: Standard necklace size with adjustable length.

Width: gradually decreaing from approx. 10cm starting from the center of the necklace.

Pierrot Gray - Leather Fringe Necklace